What is the Western Sydney Rail Alliance?

The Alliance is committed to North-South Rail and a transport network for Western Sydney.

As the principal stakeholders in Western Sydney’s high growth corridor, the Alliance is committed to securing transformative infrastructure, in the form of a new North-South rail line, for the region. Together, the Councils and significant landowners are committed to a more productive, liveable, successful and connected Western Sydney region.

Today Western Sydney is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia with the greatest potential for even more growth.

What the Alliance will do:

The Alliance will work jointly and independently to advocate for a North-South Rail line, improved transport network, significant jobs and economic uplift in Western Sydney as well as improved liveability and amenity.

Our commitment:

Each of the organisations has different purposes and objectives. We are however, strongly united through a common desire to unlock the region’s potential, now and into the future, through smart infrastructure investment and planning.

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The North–South Rail Option

Western Sydney is on track for an immense growth period, and it is estimated that by 2056 the region will become home to more than four million people. Soon more people will be living west of Parramatta than east of it, as the demographic balance of Sydney shifts away from the current CBD.

With this expansion comes great opportunity for Western Sydney, and the creation of an improved transport network underpinned by a North-South connection is the catalyst that will drive the jobs of tomorrow and deliver a complete orbital network when integrated with current and future rail lines.

The North–South Rail will:

Support high growth cities like Liverpool, Campbelltown and Penrith.

Connect growth areas with the Western Sydney Airport and Western Sydney Employment Area.

Connect disadvantaged areas to employment centres, education and community services.

Create new town centres and a threefold increase on housing supply, improving affordability and amenity.

Reduce the need to travel east for employment opportunities.

Reduce traffic congestion.

Encourage investment into the region including aviation, agribusiness, manufacturing, retail, transport and technology industries.




Western Sydney Rail Assessment Process

In 2016 the Australian and NSW Governments released the Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study Discussion Paper.

The Study is a joint initiative between State and Federal Government to look at the case for rail investment to support Western Sydney and the Western Sydney Airport.

11 options are being investigated, including a North-South connection. The Alliance made a detailed submission outlining the benefits of a North-South Rail link that would connect the major Western Sydney hubs of Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown and emerging centres such as Oran Park. It would also service future employment areas including the Western Sydney growth precincts of the South West Priority Growth Area, the Western Sydney Airport Priority Growth Area, the Western Sydney Innovation Corridor, the North West Priority Growth Area and the Western Sydney Airport site at Badgerys Creek.

The intention of the Study is to assess each of the 11 options assessed based on criteria such as key destinations, transport needs, potential passenger numbers, travel times and potential funding options. The findings of the study are expected in the second half of 2017.

The Alliance’s submission was supported by an analysis undertaken by Deloitte and Arup and highlighted the tremendous economic benefits that would be created by North-South rail.

For more information on the Joint Scoping Study visit www.westernsydneyrail.transport.nsw.gov.au.

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(Source: Arup)

Alliance Members

The Western Sydney Rail Alliance is a unique collaboration between the private sector and local government who have come together because of a shared commitment to a better region.


Members of the Alliance include: Campbelltown City Council, Liverpool City Council, Penrith City Council, Celestino, Medich Corporation, Ingham Property, Greenfields Development Company, Sydney Business Park, The Committee for Sydney, Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club and The University of Sydney.

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